Ticketless operations

The current reliability of license plate reading and recognition (LPR) systems means that ticketless operations, access without a ticket, are becoming increasingly common in all types of parking facilities. Meypar offers a hybrid solution to guarantee operations even when the vehicle number plate is damaged and cannot be read correctly. With the installation of transmitter terminals and readers, and number plate reading and recognition cameras in the entry and exit lanes, you can choose the configuration that best suits your needs. With or without ticket issue, you can provide a smoother exit with automatic recognition of the vehicle's license plate, since your customer does not need to stop completely to present the ticket. The freeflow ticketless operation makes it possible to dispense with the installation of a ticket-issuing terminal and even an automatic barrier if the physical configuration of the car park prevents the use of the entry lanes for exiting the car park.

Meypar offers an advanced and ideal solution for ticketless or freeflow operations by installing large format displays next to the entrance and exit lanes. Integrated as another access control terminal, they offer maximum visibility to display relevant information for the user, such as the registered license plate, the status of the operation or the name of the parking pass holder with a personalised welcome message. These screens can also be an additional source of income when idle, since they can display advertising or any other type of information useful to your customers.

Meypar's parking control system facilitates the recording and storing of images from perimeter and even facial cameras installed at the entrances, in a way that is linked to the entry or exit operation.

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