Ethical code

Compliance with law and regulations

Meypar's good name is based on compliance with applicable law and regulations and all other requirements to which our company is subject in every country in which we have a presence and carry on business. Each member of staff is required to be familiar with the laws, regulations and obligations related to, and of possible application to, their place of work. Any breach of any of those requirements may lead to criminal or civil proceedings against the company and the people working in it.

Respect for human rights

Meypar is committed to observing all laws that govern human rights and fair working practices. We follow the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and comply with international legislation concerning human rights in all the places in which we carry on business. Meypar supports the elimination of all forms of illegal, forced or obligatory labour, including child labour. We strictly prohibit the use of illegal, forced or obligatory labour by our suppliers and contractors.

We have particular regard for the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, legislation relating to money laundering, the prevention of corruption and bribery, competition, export controls and trade sanctions, and to conflicts of interest, gifts and hospitality.

Relationships with members of staff

Meypar respects the right of all employees to join trade unions and organisations. That includes the right to organise, participate and negotiate collectively. Meypar respects the role and responsibilities of collective representatives and commits to communicate and negotiate openly to resolve matters of common interest, to provide them with the means to carry out their duties and not to obstruct them in the performance of their role.

Equality of opportunity, inclusion and non-discrimination

Meypar provides equality of workplace opportunity to all members of its staff and qualified applicants, so that they all have the opportunity to contribute and be successful. The recruitment, training and personal development of people of diverse origin is a significant asset for the organisation.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is one of the foundations of a sustainable, successful business. All job-related decisions, including recruitment, staff appraisal, promotion, training, salaries and personal development will be made exclusively on the basis of objective considerations including merit, qualifications, achievement and other business-related matters. Meypar prohibits all forms of discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, health, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political or philosophical opinions, trade union affiliation or other characteristics protected by relevant law and regulations.

Meypar does not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. Everybody in the organisation has a responsibility to act prudently and appropriately in their personal and professional relationships. The company has a protocol for staff to report any conduct that could constitute bullying or harassment.

If anyone sees or suffers any form of harassment or discrimination, they should report it by email to A report made in good faith will not lead to any reprisals.

Health and safety

The health and safety of everybody working at Meypar is a priority for the business. Steps will be taken to ensure that the strictest requirements are implemented in order to create a work environment that is safe for everybody. Special attention will be given to the taking of the measures required to eliminate risks concerning health and safety at all facilities and to reduce the number of accidents. Performance of that task is underpinned by intensive training for the whole workforce and requires the adoption of a policy of zero tolerance for any failure to follow those requirements.

Meypar regularly issues instructions to keep all its staff informed as to potential risks and safe working protocols. We implement procedures to mitigate safety risks and to respond in the event of an incident or accident. All members of staff have a duty to be up to date with current instructions, to apply them and to diligently report any incident or accident to the head of Prevention of Work-Related Risks.

Privacy of Personal Data

Meypar takes the measures required to ensure appropriate processing of personal data in accordance with all the instructions of the business and all relevant law and regulations concerning the protection of personal data. No personal data will be disclosed to third parties except when necessary and permitted by law.

In the course of their employment, staff may have access to the personal data of other individuals. Only members of staff with a legitimate interest in processing personal data on behalf of Meypar may access such personal data where the scope of their individual roles and their work-related duties so permit. Everybody has a duty to take the measures required to protect personal data against improper processing, unauthorised use or disclosure.

Gifts and hospitality

In the course of commercial relationships, the exchange of tangible gifts and hospitality can be perceived to give rise to a conflict of interest and to hinder sound commercial judgement. Meypar ensures that all commercial decisions are based on the competitiveness, performance and quality of the goods and services that it provides. No gift may be given or any favour granted with the aim of obtaining an advantage of any nature or influencing the outcome of a business decision in breach of law, the obligations of the recipient or this Code of Conduct. All gifts and favours must be for a lawful and proper purpose. Those working within Meypar are forbidden to offer or accept or to authorise any member of their family or close associate to accept anything of value, including gifts, leisure activities, tickets for events, accommodation, favours, services, loans, use of property or equipment, or any other form of special treatment that might improperly influence commercial decisions. They are only acceptable if they are of a reasonable, low, token value and can be reciprocated.

Environmental protection

Meypar is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities. We design our products, manufacturing processes, facilities and services with the aim of eliminating hazardous products, promoting the use of recyclable materials, minimising energy consumption, and segregating and properly managing the waste generated. Our environmental impact is taken into account in all significant decisions and is managed in strict compliance with internal rules and relevant laws and regulations.

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