Innovation, efficiency and mobility

Meypar provides innovative and efficient solutions based on technology and services to make it easier to use and operate parking facilities and regulated parking areas in urban areas. These solutions are developed to offer a comprehensive answer to the needs of those who manage and use these infrastructures, which form part of the daily movements of citizens around the globe.

Headquartered in Spain, with subsidiaries in Mexico, the United States and Peru, Meypar strives for proximity with administrations, operators and distributors in order to fully comprehend the reality of their services and business models, as well as the needs of its users and customers.

It has an extensive portfolio of projects for large shopping centers and supermarket chains, being the leader in Mexico and one of the brands of reference in Spain and Latin America.

The acceptance of Meypar in these markets is the result of a strategy in which a philosophy based on proximity and flexibility, a vocation for service and the ability to develop and manufacture technologically advanced solutions all converge.

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