Lorry parks

Meypar offers a specific solution for lorry parking in truck stops that include all the necessary technology to guarantee the highest level of safety and service for transport operators and transport professionals.

High-capacity, flexible and automated parking facilities

The access lanes, with integrated signalling, can be configured as reversible lanes, so that the system can be adapted at any time to peak incoming or outgoing traffic. They are in addition equipped with payment terminals at the exit, avoiding the need for drivers to go to the pay stations to leave the car park and achieving greater fluidity in operations.

The access lanes incorporate automatic detection of different vehicle lengths and can automatically charge special rates in each case, as well as providing parking occupancy for each type of vehicle. They can also be equipped with scales for weighing vehicles and access to car wash tunnels, services which are registered and paid for together with the stay in the car park.

Meypar parking control solutions use open architecture. Thanks to this feature, operators can integrate parking with external platforms such as Via T, one-off parking, parking pass holders and space reservation and communicate their occupancy to en-route information systems in real time.

Safe operations with the highest degree of control

The reading and processing of power unit and trailer number plates offers the highest degree of control and security in operations. On the one hand, the system automatically recognises the number plates in the transport of dangerous goods, and obtains information on the presence and number of vehicles carrying dangerous goods that are present in the car park. At the same time, it can detect fraud or theft situations, such as the change of a power unit for a specific trailer, the abandonment of the trailer or the difference in weight between entry and exit, blocking the exit of the vehicle without the operator's authorisation.

The security system is reinforced by the recording of images from up to three perimeter security cameras per lane, which provide a 360-degree view of the vehicle as well as the cab.

Pedestrian access control is also part of the security system, preventing anyone who does not have a vehicle parked inside the car park from entering the car park.

High security facilities and level of service for carriers

Compliant with the European GOLD level standard for lorry parking, the solution enhances the safety of drivers and their vehicles, while allowing the operator to offer them a high level of service.

The integrated system of number plate recognition, perimeter image recording, weight check and pedestrian access control ensures maximum security for transport professionals during their stay in the car park. In addition, the access control system allows weighing of vehicles, access to wash tunnels, reservation of parking spaces from third-party platforms or applications, access to parking pass holders for services such as Via T, and the availability of free parking spaces through the applications themselves or on-road information systems.

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