Software and Apps

As in many sectors, the integration of new technologies has accelerated the transformation of traditional businesses such as parking lots. In this context of constant change, the use of the cell phone as a means of identification and payment system has become widespread with, for example, ticketless access systems and cell phone payment applications.

In the same way, the transformation has led to the emergence of agents that develop new business models and services, such as parking space reservation and location platforms, or validation systems.

Faced with this scenario of continuous change, the local access control systems of car parks need to be equipped with high connectivity to be able to interact with these new technologies and services.

Alongside the technological transformation and in light of the evolution of an increasingly competitive sector, the permanent need to improve the profitability of the parking business takes on special importance. As a result, the sector is looking for solutions to optimize human resources, operational management and the analysis of consolidated and useful information to facilitate strategic decision-making.

With the aim of providing solutions for these challenges, Meypar is devoting significant resources to innovation, in order to develop new services for users and customers, thus taking advantage of the full potential of current technology and offering new possibilities for making the business profitable.

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